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Tag: fediverse

  • Joining Post.news

    Now also joined Post.news, to test it out. Post.news have been one of the microblogging services some has chosen instead of Mastodon, when leaving Twitter. https://post.news/@aphandersen I’ve heard that they are joining the Fediverse in this year, anyone that can verify that? #postnews #fediverse #twittermigration

  • Frontends for Mastodon?

    I know the following frontends for Mastodon. Any other recommendations? #mastodon #fediverse #frontends

  • Wishes for development of ActivityPub plugin for WordPress in 2023

    The ActivityPub plugin for WordPress (and the other Fediverse plugins) is a great plugin, but still missing some features. I hope the following will come in 2023: #wordpress #fediverse #activitypub

  • One important thing is missing in the Fediverse

    Most software in the Fediverse allows you to move followers, import follows, bookmarks, blocks etc. But I have not yet seen it possible to export posts in a format that easily can be imported in another instance of another Fediverse software. It should be possible in the Fediverse to move your content to other software…

  • Mastodon vs. Pleroma vs. Calckey

    I have started testing different Fedivers software, such as Mastodon, Pleroma and Calckey. Which is your favorite and why? #fediverse